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Bristol Veg Fest and our latest crop...

Bristol Veg Fest was a rip-roaring success; we had two fantastic days talking to so many festival goers about our locally grown quinoa. We are delighted that so many people took and interest and we are now keen to find Bristol stockists to take on our retail packs.

It's hugely disappointing to find out that this will be the last Bristol Veg Fest, but when the Bristol council double the rates overnight then you can understand why. For small producers like ourselves, it was a wonderful platform to showcase our local produce to a target audience, so sadly it was my first and last VegFest!

As we were busily chatting to the lovely folk of Bristol our red quinoa has been quietly soaking up the much needed rain and it's looking truly fantastic at the moment. There is a dense canopy of green which is bullying out any other weeds trying to get a look in. We are excited to see it doing so well and are hopeful for a beautiful array of reds and pinks later on in the summer.

Next event we are looking forward to will be hosted on this very farm! is set to be a fun family day with tractor and trailer rides, games, circus workshop, bouncy castle, stall holders and dog show, we are looking forward to being able to show people our crop of red quinoa too! If you would like more details about the day or you wish to have a stall please head to the website where you can find more contact details.

Emily posing on our stall at Bristol Veg Fest!

Red quinoa in the May sunshine

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