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As well as producing crops we have been involved in Countryside Stewardship schemes for about 20 years now, in 2002 we were awarded the Duke of Cornwall's' Farm Habitat Award Scheme Gold Award for our commitment to improving wildlife and rare plant habitats including wild orchids.

We are currently part of the Arable Countryside Stewardship Scheme and have three football-pitch sized plots of overwintering bird food and we have several flower-rich meadows; these are designed to provide year-round habitats that will help pollinators, farmland birds and other farm wildlife to thrive.

'Regenerative farming', 'sustainable agriculture' and 'biodiversity' are all the buzz words at the moment, but we are not into fancy labels, we simply want to work on developing the farm in the best way we know how; by following best practice, by focusing on attention to detail, utilising the modern technologies available to us and by keeping an open mind to learning and improving. 

It's important to us that while we maintain a business that supports our family, we are also creating an environment that we can enjoy and can proudly hand over to the next generation.


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