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Corston Fields Farm is part of the Duchy of Cornwall's Newton Estate. The farm has been in the Addicott family home since 1982; Gerald and Ros Addicott originally ran it as a mixed beef and arable farm before moving into an all arable system, they ran a busy farmhouse B&B as well as growing wheat, barley oilseed rape and in more recent years linseed.


Over the years the farm has been host to many charity fundraising events from open gardens to more recently music festivals! The most significant charity connection is with the national charity 'Send A Cow' which was an idea born around the farmhouse kitchen table - Gerald and Ros remained directors for several years and the farm was Send a Cows first home before moving on to larger premises in Newton St Loe.

Gerald and Ros' two children James and Emily caught the bug for farming and both pursued different careers within the sector, their son James' interest in sociology took him to study precision farming to which he received a Doctorate from Cambridge University; his PhD  'The Precision Farming Revolution' by Dr James E. Addicott was published in 2019.

After working on the farm for many years, daughter Emily took on the tenancy in 2017 and is very proud to be the Duchy of Cornwalls only female tenant farmer!  It's important to Emily and her husband Eddie Sauvao, an IT Sales consultant, that they continue the great work that Gerald and Ros have done in establishing a diverse farm business whilst raising the third generation on the farm, their two daughters Rosa (7) and Charlotte (5).

Corston Fields Farm is very much a family farm, everyone in the family pitches in and supports each other and although the crops and ideas are new and evolving the traditional family farm values remain the same.

Emily Addicott-Sauvao & daughters
HRH the Duke of Cornwall, Corston Fields Farm, Westcountry Quinoa, Bath Sparkling Wine
HRH the Duke of Cornwall, Corston Fields Farm, Westcountry Quinoa, Bath Sparkling Wine
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